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    Would you like a veterinarian that only caters to your cat? That’s what you’ll get when you visit Cats Only in the Mt. Zion, Illinois area. We’re a family owned and operated practice that strives to provide all the quality vet care for the cats of this area. Our board certified veterinarian will provide the highest level of care, and make sure that all parts of your furry friend stay healthy.

    You can rest assured knowing you’ll get excellent care from us. You can trust us; we belong to the Illinois and American Veterinary Medical Associations. Paying us is always easy; we accept most major credit cards and all other forms of payment. Our highly knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer your questions; call us with all of them. Call us today to secure your appointment with us!

    Veterinarian Mt. Zion Illinois

    One reason we’re popular in this area is our commitment to cats only. We don’t burden our visitors with noisy dogs that can cause your cat anxiety. Bring your friend to us for routine visits to get all shots, heartworm tests, and medicines for many illnesses. Also, ask us about declawing and saving your furniture from scratch marks.

    You can also bring your animal to us for more urgent care. We can provide some general surgeries and even dental care. We’ll make sure your cat’s teeth are well-taken care, and we solve any bad breath issues. If your cat needs cancer treatments, we can provide those as well. Let us help keep your cat healthy with a special diet to prolong their lifespan.

    We’re also providing other services in addition to vet care. Board your cat with us when you skip town next time. Your furry friend will be treated like royalty, and we give all cats plenty of exercise time to help keep them busy while you’re gone. You can also ask us about available grooming and bathing service.

  • What Our Clients Say

  • Dr. Serbe and her entire staff are absolutely wonderful. They are kind and treat every cat as if they were their own. They understand the stress of one of the members of your family - as my cat is a member of my family - being sick or worse. They go above and beyond to give the utmost care to all their clients. Unlike so many these days, they aren't in it just for the money - but for giving the utmost care to our furry friends!

    Sherri S.

  • The people here are so kind and show great care..I felt a great deal of confidence in the vet who was very helpful and filled with knowledge and kindness. The prices are more than fair and helps me as a single parent to maintain my kitty's health.

    Irish Andrea M.

  • Awesome!!! They are very friendly and always take good care of my cats. Dr.Serbe is very nice and knowledgeable. Her staff are very friendly. If you got time stop in and visit the residents cats that are looking for someone to play with them or even take them home!
    Oh one last thing the rates are very reasonable.

    Tom N.

  • We want your pets to be happy and safe while you are away

    Going out of town? We also offer boarding to our customers to ensure your cat gets well fed, watered, and loved while you are away. This additional service is strictly for your peace of mind.

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